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Our company was founded in 1979 by my mentor, Russell Wilson, under the name Volunteer Hosiery. The business focused on mass merchandise retailers and the US Military. After the University of Tennessee approached Russell to purchase the name Volunteer Hosiery for $10,000, the company name was changed to Pro Feet. For many years, the primary focus was selling to family-owned sporting goods stores across the country. 

Much has changed in our industry since 1979. The admission of China into the World Trade Organization in December of 2001 led to the demise of the US Hosiery Industry.

In order to survive, our company saw the need to seek out niche opportunities. In early 2017 it occurred to me: While patterned dress/casual socks were plentiful in the market, the brands behind them sourcing out of China were using tacky or offensive patterns, and they were using synthetic materials to save on cost. Frankly, none of the socks I saw, would I wear.

So the inspiration to create a brand was born, and who better to name the brand after than my best friend, my Boykin spaniel Beau?

Socks with tractors all over them

Get to know our cotton

We use long-staple cotton purchased from the Memphis cotton exchange. It is grown by hard-working farmers in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama. Our socks have arch support to prevent slippage on your foot. They also have a double welt top so they stay up on your leg. They have no toe seam so no annoying fabric is bunched around your toe. And our patterns are traditional, suitable for gentlemen to show off their personality.

Would it be easier and more profitable to close our factory and source our socks out of China? Absolutely. Would we be able to provide the quality we deliver to our customers and feel as good about the impact we’re making in our community? No.

An American-made sock, of the highest quality in the market, with images of my Boykin fit me.  We invite you to join us and find what fits you.

Callum Brown

Wilson Brown Sock Company is dedicated to American manufacturing. It is our mission to provide opportunities, strengthen families and share the good news.

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