2% For Conservation

Sporting Traditions is our tagline. To us, Sporting Traditions means time outdoors, hunting or fishing with friends and family. To you it may be pig pickin’s, oyster roasts, coastal vacations, time spent on the family farm, going to football games, or playing golf on the weekends.

To our company, Traditions are a throwback to when products were made in the United States. Our part of the country is rich in textile heritage. We are committed to continuing this tradition, to employ our community, invest in state-of-the-art equipment, and prove a U.S. hosiery company can thrive and compete in a Global economy.

But at our core, we are sportsmen and women. Like most all sportsmen and women, we are conservationists and care about our environment. After all, without clean air, clean water and productive habitats, future generations will not have the opportunity to enjoy God‘s creation with friends and family. We are doing our part to make sure that does not happen by reducing the carbon footprint of our supply chain!

The cotton yarn in our socks is grown in the Southern U.S., then spun, dyed, and knit all in North Carolina. We choose to partner with conservation groups, like 2% For Conservation, Delta Waterfowl, Ducks Unlimited, Coastal Conservation Association, and Boykin Spaniel Rescue. 

By supporting us, you are doing your part too! Consumers drive change. If you want to see future generations enjoy the traditions, we hold dear, let us help you “sport” your traditions in a refined, responsible way.

Callum Brown
Founder of Brown Dog Hosiery